Having a healthy eye is sure to be everyone’s dream because vision is something that can affect the quality of our lives. Almost all of the information our brain receives comes from what we see when we are engaged. In addition to affecting the performance of a person, a bad vision can also impact on our safety such as on the road, or when driving.



according to a blog javakadiri Currently there are about 2.5 billion people who have vision problems and ironically they do not solve the problem either with the use of glasses, softens or other actions. Apart from being caused by the minus eye, plus, and cylinder vision impairment is also caused by organic abnormalities. Eye diseases (organic disorders) such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration should be treated medically and require control to progress to a more severe stage.

Farsightedness (myopia), nearsightedness (hyperopia) and cylindrical eye (astigmatism) is not a disease but an eye bias power abnormalities so there is no cure and cannot be cured. This condition can be overcome or corrected with glasses and soft lens as a tool for the vision to be more clear. Abnormalities of this eye bias can be experienced by anyone either children, adults or elderly.

As age increases the risk of degenerative eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and AMD (macular degeneration) is higher. Statistically, the risk of vision defects and the danger of blindness caused by the above conditions increased up to 3 times in the age group above 40 years. Unfortunately, conditions such as glaucoma and AMD until now cannot be cured. The best way to avoid this is to take a preventive action by recognizing one of the disturbances in vision.

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Therefore, early detection is needed, especially for those who have entered the age of over 40 years should perform regular eye examinations. By examining the eyes means that you have been concerned about the health of the sense of vision. For sharp eyesight checking and outer eye health, you can come to the nearest Melawai Optics which provides complete eye care facilities for free and you will be handled by an experienced optician.

With a sharp and clear vision will certainly improve the quality of our daily lives and we can enjoy the beauty around us. get quality sunglasess in optik tunggal

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